Message from Lizzy

Hello everyone 💕
I just wanted to share a quick message.
I'm here for you. Even if we don't know each other, I want to be your friend. Please feel free to reach out to me. I want to be your older sister that gives you advice, your friend that holds you through tough times, and your encourager when you feel like giving up. I will always have your back!
A little about myself: I love chocolate, green is my favorite color (although I think it's slowly changing to yellow!) and I love playing music! I like to write, whether it's poems, a story, or these blog posts for you all! The emoji that best describes how I look is this one: 😃  LOL
My role model is Sadie Rob Huff. I love sticky notes, my dog Macy, and reading books!
Spotify is my go-to music station, and I would NEVER be able to pick just one song as my favorite. My full name is actually Elizabeth, but most of my friends call me Lizzy.
Now that you know me better, I would love to more about you! Please comment on this post,…


ControlPhoto by Cristiano Pinto on UnsplashThe first day of quarantine was the day we lost control. Everything was uncertain and we were in unknown territory. Nobody knew what the future held. But even though this time was unpredictable, I think many of us learned lessons through all of this. Lessons of patience with siblings, joy through trials, peace in the fear that is spreading all around us, and most importantly, allowing God to be the one in control.
I’ve learned it the hard way. When you try to take matters into your own hands, everything falls apart and you’re left with broken pieces of what used to be. You finally look to God, your last resort, and cry out, saying, “What have I done? I made a mess, and I need You to rewrite it into a masterpiece. Something that will make me grow and learn from my mistakes.”
But why is God our last option, when He should be the first one we run to? Why do we exhaust all other possibilities until we eventually go to the One who knows how to hand…

Thankful, or Taken for Granted?

Thankful, or Taken for Granted?

Food. Clothes. Clean water. Your home. Family. Friends. Memories. The device you are reading this on. Talents. Your daily routine. Jesus. There are so many things that we should be grateful for, and yet we act as though we deserve them. We didn’t earn any of these things, God freely gave them to us. Sometimes I don’t fully appreciate what I have, and then feel guilty later. Am I the only one?

This quote helps me to put things into perspective and remember to thank God for everything, even the little things. Consider clean water- it’s effortless for us to go over to the sink and fill up a cup of cool, clear water and not think anything of it, but some people live on the other side of the world that walk miles to get water, and usually, that water isn’t sanitary. This website link shows how many people die from dirty water each year. The statistics are startling.Deaths from Dirty Water — TheWorldCounts
Dirty water causes the death of a human being every 10 se…