Thankful, or Taken for Granted?

Thankful, or Taken for Granted?

a black letter board with a wooden frame holds the words that spell “Give Thanks” with a pretty white flower in the corner.

Food. Clothes. Clean water. Your home. Family. Friends. Memories. The device you are reading this on. Talents. Your daily routine. Jesus.
There are so many things that we should be grateful for, and yet we act as though we deserve them. We didn’t earn any of these things, God freely gave them to us. Sometimes I don’t fully appreciate what I have, and then feel guilty later. Am I the only one?

This quote helps me to put things into perspective and remember to thank God for everything, even the little things. Consider clean water- it’s effortless for us to go over to the sink and fill up a cup of cool, clear water and not think anything of it, but some people live on the other side of the world that walk miles to get water, and usually, that water isn’t sanitary.
This website link shows how many people die from dirty water each year. The statistics are startling.

There are many other things that I don’t thank God for but are very important in my life. Family, friends, people who are always there to support me, no matter what choice I make. If someone impacts your life, don’t you want to create a difference in theirs? It’s a chain reaction, and I don’t want to miss out on an amazing opportunity to show people the love of Jesus, even just by sending a simple thank you card to display how much I appreciate them.

 We all lived this quote when COVID-19 swept our nation with fear and confusion. Our normal routines were gone, masks are worn, and we can’t hug or hive-five our friends. We took all of our routine things like going to a restaurant for granted. But we weren’t thankful for them until they were gone.
Our lives before the coronavirus looked like this: Going out to eat at your favorite restaurant, going to school, girl’s day shopping, summer vacations, going to church, concerts, birthday parties, and weddings. But after COVID-19 hit, our lives changed and everything was different. No more sitting down and eating at restaurants, you have to order pick-up or delivery. No more shopping with friends just because you want to. Some of you probably liked staying home from school, but after a while it got boring and you wanted to see your friends again. Engagements would be another year longer, and weddings would be postponed. Church wasn’t considered “essential” and our services were online. Our plans dissolved and washed away in the sea of fear that set everyone into panic mode. Everything was different.

But if we practice kindness and spread joy, we are saving people’s lives. Many individuals are going through a type of depression right now, and maybe all they need is a smile or an encouraging text to convince them that someone loves them. Or maybe you are that person who needs someone to talk to or pour out their heart to. Turn to your parents, your church family, and your strong, Christian friends for guidance and help through these tough times. And I’ll try to keep the posts coming!

So will you join me in demonstrating kindness and thankfulness to God for everything you have?
Here’s my challenge to you: Every time you get a drink of water, text a friend, eat dinner with family, put your clothes on for the day, or look through a photo album full of memories, thank God for those things. Sometimes as I’m filling my cup of pure water from our filter, I thank God for it. It’s a simple action that will, over time, become a habit of gratitude in our hearts. Let’s go spread some kindness today!

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Virtual hugs to you all!


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